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a)A common camera given to film students to make their first film (Typically in introductory classes); it picks up motion but no sound whatsoever.

b)The bane of existence for all film students, typically in regards to how to properly operate the goddamn thing.
a)Film professor: You will shoot your films with a Bolex.

b)Student: You know, I think I'd rather major in math...
by trentlane October 24, 2010
1. a mans testicles
2. expression -'oh-no'
3. an insult
4. telling a person that they are lying (watever)
5. a compliment

other known spellings- bollocks, bollex, bolocks, bowlock, bowlecks, bollecks, bolox and bollox
1. "im gonna kick him in the bolex!"
2. "it isnt working" "bolex!"
3. go suck cock u bolex-ass-shit
4. "i cant come tonight, im ill"- "bolex u are ill!"
5. "awww u shouldnt of done this, u crazy lil bolex u!"
by chellybaby February 06, 2004
Meaning a bullshit rolex
in essence, a fake rolex or folex, Bought of the streetz for 5+ bucks.

Man 1 : "how much for a watch?"
Man 2: "20 bucks takes it all!"
Man 1: "What! a bolex for 20! Thats whack!"
by Spade713 April 16, 2005
pubic hair that goes up to your navel
RenatoTanJr. forgot to wear his shirt, his bolex is exposed
by DennisDaPenis December 25, 2008
n. the line of hair that runs from the belly button leading down to the pubes, aka treasure trail

bulBOL(Tagalog for pubic hair) + EXtension = BOLEX
Bryan's BOLEX makes Tim's mangina wet.
by boy kangkang April 02, 2008
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