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Japanese: I (masculine)
"Bokuwa Amerikajin desu."
by INH.Helios October 18, 2003
major money; costing serious money to purchase/alot of bucks
the new mercedes is bo-ku bucks
by minderalla September 25, 2004
a lot of something (from a misspelling of the French word beaucup, meaning many)
I have boku problems on hand.
by Light Joker December 21, 2006
A super-active person who tends to be hyper and random 24/7. Almost like you took a high person's crack away.
Person: *Running around screaming* "TEH RUBBA DUCKIEZ ARE EATIN DA CHOCOLATEEEEEE"
Announcer: "This person is an excellent example of what we would call a 'Boku'"
by Tama-chan March 31, 2013
the state of being a slut, or engaging in sluttish tendancies
yo melissa your such a boku
by kenithMac October 29, 2007
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