1) the act of having smoked at a previous time
2) past tense for bake
such as: wake and bake; I woke and boke this morning.
by HerbRoaster420 July 13, 2006
when a nigga so poor he aint broke he boke.
That boke ass nigga has to steal silverware and napkins from McDonalds.
by vostyle October 12, 2004
v. To ride a bicycle and smoke marijuana at the same time.

From the Eng. "to bike" and "to toke."
We boked all the way to town and then got steak sandwiches. It was most excellent.
by Bam Bam Barry October 04, 2007
word to describe your cash flow or lack of.
how much does this cost? fifty boke.
by Spiersy March 16, 2006
When an act or description of an act makes you retch as if to be sick. Of Scottish origin.
That dog licking its balls is giving me the boke!
by hotdevy May 28, 2008
When I was a child we called going number two "taking a boke" I think it is a German or Swedish word.
Mom, "I have to go boke real bad."
by carlos lee March 03, 2007
Juicy boggies or dried snot that are saturated with cocaine from a fat session.
Woooowwwwww, I just pulled a fat chunk of boke out and it was kin chewy.

I like chewing on my boke!
by Silly PsyMon March 22, 2007

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