Drink formed by mixing half the contents of a beer (normally Budweiser) with Coca-Cola. Somewhere between brown and black in colour, the drink is popular amongst young adults.
Man I'm thirsty, someone get me a boke up in here.

Prince Charles sits in his conservatory, gazing at the birds and sipping on his boke.

And on the seventh day God created Boke.
by swag258 April 15, 2013
Throwing up alcohol profusely as your friends take pictures.
He's finally going to boke, we've gotta post it on Instagram.
by Bpizzle94 September 11, 2013
The past tense of bike(verb). To have ridden a bicycle(noun).
I boke to school today. We boke in the park.
by jeremia4263 May 12, 2011
Verb. To engage in the act of smoking Cannabis.

Noun. The actual Cannabis plant itself.

Adj. To be under the influence of Cannabis

Verb. "Hey manz, lets go boke in boke alley!"

Noun. "I'm all out of boke, manz."

Adj. "I'm boked as shit right now!"

by TailsMontyG June 17, 2009
Boke means "Knuckle head" in Japanese slang
Anata wa boke desu. You are a knuckle head.
by Kura Kura Pa August 09, 2011
verb. The act of facebook poking someone.
I boked you
by Pads McGee June 03, 2011
Vomit, or a website about vomiting. Mostly used in ireland as it is a form of slang. It can also refer to the reflexive gagging done right before vomiting.

It can also mean puking, spewing or throwing up.

Often mistakenly defined online as the act itself, in Scottish and Northern Irish slang boke refers to the gagging stage when you feel you're about to, just before actually puking.
The website Boke.com is totally about vomiting and thus is a boke.
by Proofreader77 February 18, 2010

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