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Synonym for boy. Circa 2003-2004, Australian Origin
Lukey is a norti bok.
by Elktech July 16, 2004
the sound a chicken makes.
"bok, bok, bok," jimmy shouted as he flapped his arms and trotted about, then added, "YOU'RE A CHICKEN!"
by mamma December 02, 2003
Stands for "Black-Out Kyle"
This kid loves to black out whenever he drinks and does the craziest/funniest shit.
Kyle is in full BOK mode out there on the dance floor.
BOK just launched 5 beers at random people.
BOK-chair is responsible for organizing all parties.
BOK has no clue what he's doing right now. Yea he blacked out a while ago.
by ghstrider April 28, 2010
the act of giving fellatio, or head. much easier and better to say. also useful as a chant in awkward social situations and may also be shouted while doing an imitation of a chicken.
"hi, i'm tess. i'm not going to bok you tonight"

"did that girl bok you?"
"yeah, but she boks everyone. she's such a whore."

"bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok"
by oh what goes here July 19, 2009
1. (Vulgar) Turkish word for shit. May be english-ized into "bokky".

2. An exclamation of silliness preferably said in a high pitched and with a fish puppet in hand.
1. "That's a load of bok!"
"Man! I'm having a bokky day."

2. "Look at these flippers! BOK!"
by cosmickitten June 30, 2005
1) The sound of someone being hit in the head with a piece of wood
2) A Norwegian word for "book"
3) An onomatopoeia
1) As Sally hit Billy in the head with the broom handle, a satisfying "bok" resonated throughout the room.
2) Jeg har en bok. (I have a book)
3) An onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like its sound effect.
by 1356728149582 June 22, 2005
stands for best of kinds, wat u say wen u see a woman or mayb man depending on ur situation, and is usually for describing that she has a big ass or nice tits
Gino: did u see that milf?
Me: wasn't really that BOK
Gino: now if she were black!
Me: now if it were latina!!
by zigzagelfy May 30, 2010