Cool is said slowly, or in place of cool means cool (bbbbooookkkk)
said otherwise means thanks.
That iPod is bbbbooookkkk!
The iPod you gave me is cool, bok!
by Ben and Katrina January 17, 2008
1) The sound of someone being hit in the head with a piece of wood
2) A Norwegian word for "book"
3) An onomatopoeia
1) As Sally hit Billy in the head with the broom handle, a satisfying "bok" resonated throughout the room.
2) Jeg har en bok. (I have a book)
3) An onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like its sound effect.
by 1356728149582 June 22, 2005
Synonym for boy. Circa 2003-2004, Australian Origin
Lukey is a norti bok.
by Elktech July 16, 2004
stands for best of kinds, wat u say wen u see a woman or mayb man depending on ur situation, and is usually for describing that she has a big ass or nice tits
Gino: did u see that milf?
Me: wasn't really that BOK
Gino: now if she were black!
Me: now if it were latina!!
by zigzagelfy May 30, 2010
Stands for "Black-Out Kyle"
This kid loves to black out whenever he drinks and does the craziest/funniest shit.
Kyle is in full BOK mode out there on the dance floor.
BOK just launched 5 beers at random people.
BOK-chair is responsible for organizing all parties.
BOK has no clue what he's doing right now. Yea he blacked out a while ago.
by ghstrider April 28, 2010
the act of giving fellatio, or head. much easier and better to say. also useful as a chant in awkward social situations and may also be shouted while doing an imitation of a chicken.
"hi, i'm tess. i'm not going to bok you tonight"

"did that girl bok you?"
"yeah, but she boks everyone. she's such a whore."

"bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok"
by oh what goes here July 19, 2009
1. (Vulgar) Turkish word for shit. May be english-ized into "bokky".

2. An exclamation of silliness preferably said in a high pitched and with a fish puppet in hand.
1. "That's a load of bok!"
"Man! I'm having a bokky day."

2. "Look at these flippers! BOK!"
by cosmickitten June 30, 2005
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