Bojo: A magical monkey, with white fur. They swear, hit, and bite. They also come in many forms. Eg: TransvestiteBojo, Xmas-Bojo and Army General Bojo.
If a Bojo comes at you, they could be in any form. You could also change it to whatever you want.
by Tom Zagonetka March 05, 2010
A hot chick that's so crazy you're Better Off Jerking Off...bojo.
"That blondes hot"
"Forget it. My friend dated her. She's bojo."
by TybeeFlip November 09, 2009
Slang term applied to students at Bob Jones University, an ultra-Christian-conservative college located in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
I saw a BoJo buying porn at the Lake Forest Quick Stop!
by GrittyKitty December 10, 2006
Sex god from the roman city of "Herculaneum ", this extremeley gorgeous male has a way with the women that can only be mastered by himself. Take no reference to the definition above, lies and deceit will get you no-where.

He is now known for his talent in the great sport of basketball, where no one exceedes his tallent.
"Hey look its bojo the sex god"
by BoBo The Clown April 03, 2004
Bojo is a short term that one would call a blow job(when someone sucks a man's penis)
Say a woman who is looking for prostitute business comes up to you. She says,"Do you want me to give you a bojo? It'll be $100 per round."
by Kim Howdon January 22, 2006
a small blonde human being or fetus.Derived from Boris and Joseph. Usually a bojo is quite chunky and models for photo studios in cottage country.
Hey I hear you are having a bojo! Congrats.
by erin November 30, 2004
a fat slob that is usless at everythign he does
bojo is such a piece of shit
by jimmy crack April 03, 2003

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