To engage in or having sex;to fuck
All I wanna do is boink these hoes!!!!
by Lil Shank February 18, 2004
During vaginal intercourse, most usually from the rear, when the penis slips out of the vagina and upon attempted reinsertion, instead pokes the cheek of the buttocks.
Everything was going fine 'till I boinked her. That shit hurts.
by Don't Ask, Please July 29, 2008
Used by the geeky guy in the film Road Trip. To have sex with someone.
Man, i boinked her good!
by tim mitchell July 08, 2003
boink, a word used to fill any action you use in a sentence
i was boinking last night. i boinked her hard. did you get boinked on the head. your such a boinker.
by does it matter April 23, 2003
The best band in the world!!!!!! Go to!!
Boink be a kick ass band!
by Idnar..haha January 06, 2004
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