a synonym for boner, stiffy or woody,etc.
Girl: nice boink!
Guy: (Blushes and looks down his pants.
by citylifeloving March 01, 2012
n. A social gathering arranged via the internet (originated by Peter Korn as ‘Boinkon’); weekday get-togethers held in the San Francisco Bay Area.
"The next boink is being held at the coffee shop downtown."
by MacDaffy July 06, 2012
To inhale or "hit" an unlit blunt, to check the pull and taste of it. This can also be done with a cigarette, pipe, or bong, but serves no purpose.
Dude, boink this cig its a peppermint patty.
by jdick8 June 17, 2010
to have quick, nice clean sex
last night. . . i boinkd'er!
by dana May 07, 2005
a cheesy ass way to say fuck
"dude, i boinked her!"

"...did you just say boinked?"

"i'm gay"
by pizzaman2o1o January 04, 2008
to sleep with someone over 250 pounds
Jeremiah buttered himself up and allowed himself to be gang boinked by three ultra portly asian ladies.
by provider44 January 17, 2010
To engage in or having sex;to fuck
All I wanna do is boink these hoes!!!!
by Lil Shank February 18, 2004

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