The sound that occurs when scientific progress is achieved
"Scientific progress goes 'boink'?"
by Sublimecow April 29, 2004
The sound that the Scout in Team Fortress 2 makes when he beats someone with his metallic bat.
by TF2 Boink Machine November 01, 2009
to have intercourse
Dude I just boink her!
by jdtoc May 29, 2009
to fuck/make love/have sex with someone.
"See that bitch? Yeah i boinked her"
by hobo January 18, 2005
to engage in sex
I boinked some one
by Sam Ross May 14, 2003
"oh my god"
"right on"
"Do you want to have cupcake tryouts?"
by boinkymcboinkpants March 11, 2009
A word for testicles, nuts, balls.
What big boinks you have!
by cheesus chrust September 30, 2009

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