the act of falsely representing yourself as a homeless person (see hobo) in order to garner or fulfill sexual gratification, accomplished by refusing to bathe for several weeks, raiding the goodwill donation box, and stealing a shopping cart from your local grocery store and filling it with discarded aluminum cans...and proceeding to rub one's self upon as many random strangers as possible till orgasm is achieved.
"Sorry, Bill, I can't go to the sports club with you tonight, me and John are going bo'ing in the red light district."
by hahhahhahahaahllikealickydicky September 29, 2011
Top Definition
To have an erection.
He boinged at the sight of the girl on girl action that was
by Turtle October 22, 2003
(N.) The image or sound effect of something exciting.
Hey, I just saw this really tall chick with big boobies. Boing!
by G-Union May 12, 2003
inj. what one says to indicate something awesome, or something sexually arousing
"What's up, Ron?"
"I just saw a chick with like, size F tits!"
by Reese May 09, 2003
1. Slang term for a well endowed women, in Japan
2. Being sexually aroused
1. Did you see that girl?
Yeah she's such a boing.

2. Man, she definitely is . . . boing!
by SoHumhallelujah April 18, 2009
The action of an erect penis springing out and up, when the underwear is pulled down past it.
"After rolling around on the bed for awhile, I went to pull off his jockeys in order to blow him, and he totally went boing."
by Boingyest March 10, 2013
When a guy/girl is clearly blowing you off (has an excuse ready whenever you wanna hang out),but refuses to actually tell you he/she doesn't "like you like that" to avoid being the bad guy. Instead continuing to lead you on and assure you of how much they do like you and what an amazing person you are.
"He blew you off again? I think you should just give up on him...he's totally Bo'ing you."
by Miss_Kalico May 29, 2009
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