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A saying between persons made to sound like an inside joke and have other people who do not know the saying be confused.

Fun Fact : Initially created by Gavin, Zach, and Mike.
Person A : "Dude I was boilin' eggs with your mother last night.

Things got hot and some shells were cracked, if ya know what I mean."

Person B : "Dude you did THAT to my mom?!"

Person C : "What does Boilin' Eggs mean?"

*Person A and Person B give a blank stare to person C*

Person A & B in unison to Person C : "How do you NOT know what that means?! You don't deserve to know..."

*Person C looks it up on Urban Dictionary the night after the incident and feels like a dumbass
by CompE_Represent_Fo_Sho August 22, 2009
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