(cantonese term verb)

to boil is to spend many hours, at least 3 hours nonstop, to watch a chinese, korean, or japanese drama. people who boil dramas stereotypically eat cup noodles while watching these dramas.
girl #1: omg! you look so tired! you need concealer or something
girl #2: OMGOMG meteor garden was so good! i was boiling it yest. for 18hrs! fdsjkjfdslaj i don't care if i look tired and am full of msg!
by shalalala November 25, 2006
Convert printed data (books, journals and so on) to digital format using a scanner.
The word originates from the way that people use steam to melt glue which binds pages when they disassemble a book to scan.
Could you boil this book, please?

I boiled a whole journal yesterday.
by teru March 11, 2004
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