boil(s) - hideous round lumps containing pus found on slong's face above his eyebrow, and all over his body.

Also colloquially used as a reason for someone fucking up.

May also be randomly inserted into any sentence to make it an insult towards shenglong
"I tell you the greatest joke on earth"
"what. you have boils?"

"wtf! he got disconnected? he must have boils"
by Master Pain March 11, 2005
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Someone who annoyingly follows you around everywhere
Fuck off your like a boil on my fucking arse
by marvellous matt May 21, 2006
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lol that reminds me of when you got drunk and put mayonaise on your pizza or something... i think i remember you saying you were smearing it around with a butter knife hahah and that picture of you passed out with your hand in the chip/cracker or whatever bag makes me BOIL
by zerofool June 28, 2012
To smoke marijuana in a sauna.
Timmy: Mum, can I go boil with my mates?
Mum: Sorry Timmy, your father's already using the sauna
by Actom360 December 21, 2014
an excuse used by a male to not visit his family over the holidays due to a large one in a sensitive, unable to be checked area.
"I, TC XYZ went bike riding and now have a large anal boil. Sorry, I can no longer visit for I cannot sit in the car for long periods of time. I would try, but it is too deeply embedded- its the size of my small fingernail."
by Disapointed family in GP December 26, 2009
something that was on my back and it popped i guess thats what my mom said and now its infected.

^^true story^^
mom: caitlin thats a poped boil you fucking ass hole and its infected
me: ahh mom am i gunna die?!
by caitlins madd August 19, 2007
A boy. A male child prostitute who usually is working in exchange for drugs.
Your boil tried to pimp me.
by enviroman June 23, 2011
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