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It's a metaphor used to designate that some obsessive maniac loser is stalking you.
Person A:OMG!That weirdo we met the other day has been insistantly ringing me every single day and also sending me all these emails asking me to go out with him.
Person B:Oh geez!He's so gonna boil your bunny.
by 8inches October 04, 2005

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verb phrase
A blanket phrase referring to the psychotic partner in a broken relationship's deluded and unpredictable actions. Referenced from Fatal Attraction.
<Craiggers> She keeps calling me and hanging up, man. I'm about ready to call the fucking police.
<svenmonk> Heh. She's gonna boil your bunny, motherfucker. See you in heaven if you make the list.
by Craiggers September 05, 2003