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1. Pronounciation of the word 'burger' using an east coast accent.

2. Also a dangerous weapon.
a. Boigah stab - to stab someone with the tips of the finger and the palm of the hand facing upward. Not fatal.
b. Boigah jab - to jab someone with the elbow pointed at an angle. Sometimes fatal.
c. Boigah knee - to knee someone in the face with the knee. Always fatal.

note - while using the boigah attacks you must yell, 'BOIGAH!!!'
Bryan: Hey Kelly, boigah stab anyone lately?

Kelly: Yeah, this kid tried to to steal my boigah, so I boigah stabbed him.
by Krelly Raustin September 12, 2008
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New York pronunciation of "burger".
"Ey ey ey Tony, ge' me a boigah kid."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 17, 2003

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