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(Pronounced 'Bay') (Other terms; Posh Cunt, Posh, Stuck-Up etcetc) Inshort, bois means posh-cunt. A person who says yah alot, refers to getting drunk as 'getting slewed' and refers to beers as 'bevvies'. Wears abercrombie & fitch, helly hanson or other sailing brands. Enjoys shooting/sailing/a good old game of 'rugger' (rugby)/cricket or other stereotypical english sports. The cast of Made In Chelsea are a good example of a typical bois
"A group of bois were 'getting slewed' at johnny boys free house yahyahayahayh" "What a fucking bois"
by Lord Snootington December 14, 2011
slang for heroin in atlanta, ga as well as other areas in the southeast like birmingham, al
"hey man you got any boi?"
"yeah folk, what you need?"
""let me get a half gram"
by scumfuc66 September 21, 2009
A young gay male, especially one who is submissive. Now used for and by gay males (of any age) who enter into voluntary slavery to a MASTER.
Master Thor had a stable of ten bois.
by Euphorbia May 29, 2005
An acronym/term used primarily in tourist plagued islands like Hawaii, Galveston, Jamaica, etc., signifying that an individual is a local and born on the island (BOI).
Hey brah, I was BOI and proud of it so get de fock off my island, mon.
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
1) In the bdsm arena: boi means a butch who is submissive or a sexual bottom.

2) In the butch-femme arena: boi means a chronologically/behaviorally young butch.
1) As a domme, my preference is for bois.

2) She still likes Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels, she is such a boi.
by MsWorthy March 01, 2004
A butch lesbian bottom/submissive that has earned the status as boi. To be called a boi is an honor in the BDSM world. A boi is very butch in a young type way. All bois are NOT young. They just carry themselves that way.
Cammi is a very good boi for her Mistress and her Mistress loves her very much.
by Lori September 29, 2003
An androgenous youth who attains attributes that are stereotypes of the opposing gender.
She's cut off all her hair in an attempt to go boi-ish.
It seemed that every shirt he owned was a half-shirt that screamed 'boi'.
by k September 15, 2003