used in London by youts who are espeically into UK garage and Grime. When someone implys that another person is a boi, he/she is saying that the victim is a pussy or in other words a "shook up bitch"
boy 1 - "who's dat boi!?"
boy 2 - "oh yeah! he's the one that got beat up by some 9 year old"
boy 1 - "hahah wat a BOI!"
by ill ting breh June 20, 2005
a lesbian-
The word 'b0i' has been part of lesbian counter-culture for some time now and is often used by lesbians to describe each other in the same way as the word dyke is used.
However, it has found its way into the mainstream creating confusion. It is a popular misconception that b0i means boy rather than one whi is a lesbian.
she's ma boi!
by Big badder t shank July 29, 2003
portuguese word for ox
O boi faz Muu! (pt)-(en) The ox says Muu!
by Todesengel September 26, 2006
Used when refering to close friends, similar to Boys but more respectful
What you doing tonight? Ahh i chillin with the bois
by $mithy May 05, 2007
A young homosexual who looks underage but is not; a twink. The 'i' on the end of the word is extracted from the 'i' in the word 'twink'.
People in chat rooms often have boi appended to their username. This indicates that they are of legal age, but look under it.
by Paulpaul22 November 24, 2006
Southern colloquialism
Southern pronunciation of the word boy
Go get the boi.
by Shipp December 03, 2003
what a redneck calls african americans
get to work boi
by tatermn December 01, 2009
1. A lesbian identifying as a young male type. May or may not take testosterone or have top and bottom surgery to become a full functioning male.

2. Also a young black lesbian identifying as a stud; Boi

3. Lesbians who refer to certain butch lesbians as "Boi"
A femme lesbian refers to her butch as "goin' to meet my boi."
by Hersband and wife February 06, 2007

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