used in London by youts who are espeically into UK garage and Grime. When someone implys that another person is a boi, he/she is saying that the victim is a pussy or in other words a "shook up bitch"
boy 1 - "who's dat boi!?"
boy 2 - "oh yeah! he's the one that got beat up by some 9 year old"
boy 1 - "hahah wat a BOI!"
by ill ting breh June 20, 2005
The boys.

Affectionate term used to distinguish a group of males.
'Yo, Cookz you hangin' with the bo-is tonight?'

'ere they come, the bo-is from Powys'
by Malted Milk March 24, 2009
An acronym/term used primarily in tourist plagued islands like Hawaii, Galveston, Jamaica, etc., signifying that an individual is a local and born on the island (BOI).
Hey brah, I was BOI and proud of it so get de fock off my island, mon.
by Roland819 December 05, 2006
A name people call someone when they about to roast. Or some people just say it to try to me cool. A lot of memes/vines use them. Also YouTubers use them.
*looks at somebody
*points at somebody with both hands

Me: Boi

Somebody: o no

Me: Your..
via giphy
by NCL.NEO August 29, 2016
slang for heroin in atlanta, ga as well as other areas in the southeast like birmingham, al
"hey man you got any boi?"
"yeah folk, what you need?"
""let me get a half gram"
by scumfuc66 September 21, 2009
Boi is a very rare species of frog found only in the north coastal area or at the Gulf stream. They eat bees, flies, and sometimes birds. They are carnivores and, instead of using their legs, they ride a one cycle bike for transportation. They are light green with small, black eyes. They can also speak some of the human language!
" Oh, shet! Here come dat boi! " the young British man said. " Oh shet waddup! " said the Boi frog.
by Shh bby don't u cri™ May 30, 2016
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