A bohemian hobo. A hobo who perhaps is on the streets by choice, or one who actually does something to earn your money, such as street performing, instead of just begging.
"A bohobo told me a great story today..."
by Xenola September 17, 2005
Top Definition
(short for bohemian hobo) The bohobo embrace a way of life that espouses traditional hobo wanderlust and avoidance of strict work commitments, yet unlike the hobo, the bohobo are unwilling to live without the little luxuries of life, such as showering on a daily basis, champagne, and owning several pairs of shoes. While their hobo predecessors preferred to travel by train, bohobo traverse the continent by RV.
He quit his job, bought an RV and spent the year going to music festivals with his bohobo friends.
by Isabeau September 04, 2007
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