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A fan of the band Gwar. Gwar is a novelty rock/heavy metal/punk band that was formed in 1985-1986 in Richmond, Virginia. Devout fans of the band are referred to as Bohabs.
I can't wait to mosh with the other Bohabs at the Gwar concert this Friday.
by Rdizzle May 02, 2005
A Bohab is a fan of GWAR who is really too much of a fan. On the newest album Beyond Hell, they have a song called "The Ultimate Bohab". It explains that a Bohab is someone who "Proudly sports his red GWAR hoody, when he puts it on, it gives him such a woody".

They go on to explain how this person is obsessed with the band, and people only use this person just to get backstage with the band. People do not know/care about this person, only that they got to meet the band. This person is also a loser, zit covered, worthless loser who's acne has a rancid smell.

This term was made up by the band themselves in 1985-86 for the fans who are extreme fans or completely devoted to the band.
Man, all you talk about is GWAR, you are such a Bohab.
by A Twisted Illusion September 03, 2006
1.An overzealous fanatic of any science fiction and/or horror genre.2.Someone who doesnt beleive evil is fun.
Look at all those star trek nerds,what a bunch of bohabs.
by Kraegar Bohabiuos Rex December 02, 2007
Big Old Hairy Ass Bush

Used to describe a woman's\man rather large amount of pubic hair
sm: Man how was that chick u were with last night?
ml: Man I could not do it, she had a BOHAB that scared me. It looked like a squirrel in those panties.
by Scott Sanders January 03, 2007
A habitually borring person, a flake.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003
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