one big bogus thing!
she totally stood me up, that's so bogue!
by jester September 30, 2003
Top Definition
1. Adj: Disgusting and or alarming.
2. Verb: Ruinous behavior.
1. Man, that soup was bogue!
2. Stop bogueing my high.

Once you leave the great state of Michigan, you will never hear this word uttered again.
by hiwatt33 May 09, 2005
smoke or cig
Yo can i bum a bogue
by LOKI October 23, 2003
A wannabe car buyer that shows up on the lot with zero money down and a credit score that is lower than their IQ. A bogue is always separated from reality and nothing but a waste of time for the salesperson.
"They laid down on the first pencil so I should have known I had a bogue"
by salesperson February 05, 2014
When someone makes plans to do something then cancels at the last minute, usually ruining someone else's plan who was involved, too.
I was supposed to go on a group camping trip this weekend but my ride bogued out on me the day before we were supposed to leave and I couldn't go.
by Tesla Lovecraft November 01, 2015
comes from bogus

means "gross".
ew. that guy had the the worst breath! it totally bogued me out!
by honey bunny January 25, 2005
Basically the same meaning as Bogus.
Unreal/A lie/Incorrect/A fluke/An unlikely event. Also Bogular, same meaning.
A guy walking down the street jumped by five guys he fought them all off even though he got shot five times he survived with no harm done and they all lay in the gutter. A true story. Totally bogular, and bogue, because I just made it up!
by Richard Wheatley March 09, 2008
The act of being as Jason Bourne-esque as possible in any given situation. Such as when a glass of soda falls, if you were to catch it out of mid-air, then use it to kill 70 armed Shiites in .03 seconds
Jason Bourne just pulled a Bogues on that Army of Jesuses!
by M@tt D@m0n July 27, 2010

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