To leave, also known as to bounce, or get out of this joint.
Let's bogy
by Gooch January 12, 2004
Top Definition
Game played on now defunct childrens' TV show Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. Involves going into a public place, and taking it in turns to shout the word "Bogeys." Each time it has to be louder than the time before. The winner is the one who is louder or has the biggest bollocks. Bottling it disqualifies you.
Dick: "Bogies!"
Dick: "You win."
by Nimbuspony April 03, 2008
yo dun, you got a bogie?
by FatJewanimalthug September 15, 2003
a shorthand way of saying "bogus" which generally means anything that sucks, is nonsensical or weird.

Thirty dollars to park here?! That's bogy!
I can't believe you ate that entire thing dude, you're bogy.
I missed another shot? That rim is fuckin' bogy.
by Mikie B March 02, 2007
The crustaceous, or lumpy snotty waste product which develops up ones nostrils, usually removed by either blowing ones nose into a handkerchief or by picking ones nose.
He picked the bogies from his nose and ate them.
by wakokid October 10, 2010

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