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The down marker used during the New Year's Day Boggling Bowl. It is usually carried by a well endowed, surgically enhanced female called the Boggling bowl Queen.
announcer: I thought it was fourth down but according to the boggling bowl movement marker it's only third down. I guess I was a little distracted by the young lady with the enormous assets.
by GORP July 27, 2006
A person that leaves drops of urine or streaks of defecation on or around a toilet seat. The mystery of this person is that he or she does not claim their "artwork" and instead leaves it for the next potty-goer to notice.
When I went to the office bathroom, I was alarmed to find that the boggling bowl movement maker had struck again and left a poo streak on the toilet seat for me to sit in.
by Chicken Head June 09, 2004
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