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someone who is "a boggie"
Linda Boathan
by t1dylad January 16, 2004
another word for ciggarette.
Eh, can I have a boggie?
Lets go out for a boggie.
by K.Ford June 06, 2005
The decayer of universes, to control existence, presidential candidate for 2012.
God has the powers of boggie
by stryfethechosen February 12, 2009
-To 'party down' in an impressive way.
Time to get my boggie on
by Sol640 June 16, 2009
A hairy drunk guy thats spits on a gothicas leg right before passing out.
Andy is such a boggie, a girl came over and he just spit on her leg.
by Duke Juke April 23, 2007
A dirty fat boong who eats rats for breakfast
Hey! Is he/she a boggie??
by Mark August 25, 2004
affectionate term for puppy who chews all day long
look, that masticating boggie is destroying my sandals!
by gelato April 02, 2005