those who have 10 kids running around their feet, smoking on a cigg, swearing their heads off, every second word is the F-word, with a very distinct voice tone. Wearing cheap, old worn clothing, all whilst walking into the bottle shop or the tobbacconist.
This place is full of Bogans.
by Random December 01, 2003
Bogan n.
Bogans, although this is not widely known, are part of a seperate subspecies of homo sapien sapien. (This is regretted, however it is known that homo sapien boganus can breed with homo sapien sapiens, although it is unlikely) They are typically rude, uncouth, daggy, and use words suck as sheila and other abominable expressions.

Bogan adv.
Doing things stupidly or incorrectly, often whilst consuming the alcohol that is cheap yet strong.

Bogan adj.
When something is dirty, fat and inconsiderate.
What bogan decor!

Bogan v.
Again not commonly known, it is used as a filler verb, normally pertaining to fiddling around a bit.

Then you just bogan a bit, and you are done!
Normal Person1: Oh my, I can't beleive that after all these years the London Symphony is still fabulous
Normal Person2: Yes I know. Have you heard the SS?
Normal Person3: Yes, although they play dreadfully out of tune
Normal Person1: Yes I agree. And their speakers make it feel like an AC/DC concert or something
by Pitor October 14, 2007
Usually simplistic, stupid and racist people of low class but the definition occurs independent of the wealth of the individual. The person is likely to vote for Tony Abbott (as Prime Minister of Australia) or The National Party or The Liberal Party of Australia or some other loony rightwing nutters.
Shutup you bogan! You're making us all dumber.
by Marlow1980 February 12, 2011
A bogan is the Mr. Hyde of native people up here in canada. they're the ones who pretty much speak a different language, never look you in the eye, mumble, and bitch unashamedly about the high prices of everything.
They can be seen usually hanging around in packs, down near creeks, on corners, or outside buildings. They prefer listerine or hairspray to alcohol, and buy or steal these things in abundance, so you can see then in the 24 hour supermarkets most of the time.
The usual dress for a bogan is:

Male: too-big black jeans, multi-coloured wind breaker, nasty reboks, beard, pony-tail
Female: too-tight jeans, big spare tire hanging over, too short and tight and low cut tanktop that leaves nothing to the imagination, men's dirty hoodie - unzipped, 3 or 4 little bratty kids in tow - doing whatever they want, without discipline, bow-legged.
Annoyingly bogans will basically talk to everyone, and have no problem asking for money or smokes, mostly in the form of "Hey der budday, you got some smokes der?"
or "hey der budday, you got some change man? i cant get money for da bus and i gotta get to walmart man?"
It's like eboniucs, but retarded...
You'd better watch out though, because they'll mug, rape and kill you faster than you'd beleive. they're basically the scum of the earth, an infestation, leakiing it's way further and further into canadian society. They just eat up all the tax money and have a million kids that they support with welfare.
"Watch out, there's a gang of bogans up there, put out your cigarette and cross the street, or there's going to be trouble"

"Hey der, man, i was gettin a coffee der man, and it cost me like 1.50 der budday, it's so expensive der man, and dey didnt even have butter if i wanted a muffin bro"
by CinnamonBum123 October 07, 2009
A type of Australian that is stereotyped as bogan can usually be defined as trailer park trash and other low life names like Leigh, they can usually be found on street corners with a large group of people wearing jean shorts and thongs holding a stubby of vb.
That Leigh Kid Is A Definite Bogan,
by Tashie<3 October 22, 2009
The most common picture of a bogan is: with a tatty black hat, either on their head or rolled up in their back pocket, a shoulder length mullet, a black muscle tee with what they call 'artful' rips and tears, tight black jeans, worn away at the knees, steel capped boots, which have seen too many years of use, so the leather has worn away and you can see the rusty metal underneath. They can either be very tanned, or pale, this is a sign of whether they spends their time working on their 1980s Holden in their garage, or on their front lawn. If you cannot find them working on their car, this is because their wife has pulled them away from it, and in this case they can be found lounging on their tatty couch, watching rugby/cricket, with a beer in one hand, remote in the other, and somehow juggling this so they can scratch their gut, groin or head. Please note that all their clothing is black, either because they were bought this way, or because after the multitude of years that they have been used they are to grease and oil stained to look any different. In New Zealand, you can generally find Bogans in either the Hutt Valley or West Auckland
Mannn did you see that bogan?
by asdfreii March 20, 2004
Antipodean description for a person who likes AC/DC, beer and Fords or Holdens. Named after the Bogan river in Australia. The term is widespread in New Zealand and Australia but there are bogans in all corners of the earth.
Oh gosh darling look at all the bogans congregating at the AC/DC concert.
by Jezwell February 03, 2010
A mystical creature. Sports a mullet or similar gay hairstyle and a handlebar moustache or beard. Wears a flanny that doesn't fit, singlet, ugg boots, thongs, vfl league shorts, ripped jeans, AC/DC shirts and/or gay sunnies. Big beer belly. Often seen with a meat pie and VB in a holden swearing, "orh, ya farkin karnt! get outta me way! me sheila made dinnar and arm farkin starvin mate! the footys on in 5 minutes! i gotta get 'ome befor me sheila drinks me beer and smokes me ciggies mate!" Their religion is Cricket and GayFL and Holdens and Fords. When calm talks about shit no one cares about like his twin turbo and some Indian guy he saw the other day or watches GayFL. Will soon enrage him after Collingwood loses by 87 points. Stand in his way and you're a goner. Terrible accent. When rent of the flat is overdue by two weeks, he allows the landlord a night with his "sheila" or daughter.
Human 1: Who's that ugly kid with the mullet and freckles?
Human 2: I think that's a bogan.
Bogan: Orh, hay mate. Watch the footy last noight?
Human 1: We don't watch primitive sports. Sorry.
Bogan: Whaarrt!! I crashed in ta this plaice ta torlk about boegarn shiat!! And whaarts warshe, no VB!!
by sydney fc sucks_ November 20, 2010

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