those who have 10 kids running around their feet, smoking on a cigg, swearing their heads off, every second word is the F-word, with a very distinct voice tone. Wearing cheap, old worn clothing, all whilst walking into the bottle shop or the tobbacconist.
This place is full of Bogans.
by Random December 01, 2003
Often seen sporting southern cross tattoos and collecting dole payments, bogans strive to live in plasterboard houses on a block where they have the freedom to park their Skyline and approximately six other disused car bodies/caravans. In their natural habitat, bogans consume VB* or, at weddings, XXXX Gold* and smoke "Winny Blues"*. Favoured attire includes board shorts, wife beaters and occasionally shoes, and very rarely a collared shirt.

*Winfield Blues are an Australian Brand of Cigarettes Favoured by tradesmen and the aforementioned bogan.
XXXX Gold and VB are Australian varieties of beer (very loosely speaking) and are rumoured to contain sweat and dirt.
Bogan 1: "Oi! Are youse goin' down the pub later?"
Bogan 2: " Yeah aye, might flex it down in the skyline a bit later. Got no petrol but. Gotta get down to centrelink aye. Chuck us me winny blues Mum."
Bogan 1: "Here y'are love. I'll do some snags for youse tea."
by Smoky Jerve September 14, 2009
The Bogas Maximus is a fascinating creature located in Sydney, Australia. Previously bred and civilised in the outer west, most have now migrated to the Shire. The Bogas Maximus can be lured out of their natural habitat fairly easily. All it takes is cheap beer, Lebanese lifesavers and a national pride day. Bogans can be observed participating in activities such as watching the footy, going to pubs and/or starting riots most often rooted from racism and a general dislike for anything unaustralian. The Bogus Maximus prides itself in being Australian, and can be found wearing items of clothing such as overalls, wife beater t-shirts and thongs. Male and female bogans rarely interface with each other, and only gather together to breed and repopulate.
Haha, look at all those bogans starting riots in Cronulla.
by fell in a hoooooole January 28, 2007
Also known as ferals or trailer trash, bogans are usually people of low socio-economic status, that live in cheap housing and drive old Holdens and Fords. They swear, are often unemployed and spend their dole on beer and rollies. Male bogans wear flannies, old jeans and are missing teeth. Female bogans usually have a tribe of snotty nosed, ungroomed kids being dragged along while she smokes a cigarette pushing a pram. Her 6 kids usually have 6 different fathers, none of whom pay child support as they are all unemployed no hopers. She often has a bad home dye job on her hair and sports oversized Dada clothes that belong to her bogan partner. She will frequently scream obscenities at her children in public places.

There has been a new phenomenom of bogan in the last 10 years: the middle class bogan. Usually the male is a tradie who makes ok money. Being bogan at heart, they attempt to not look bogan with a new car and a mortgage. The female middle class bogan gets her nails and hair done. The male bogan hasn't got a mullet, but usually a shaved head. But middle class bogans are still racist, stupid, and like their booze.
Look at that bogan screaming at her kids with a fag hanging out of her mouth.
by chucky123 March 13, 2011
no longer a bloke in a wife beater drinking VB.
now someone who does not dress up or is the least dressed at a gathering. (under-dressed)
i feel like such a bogan, everyone else is wearing high heels and dresses, and i'm wearing jeans and a jumper...(sweater)


what a bogan rocking up to a fancy restaurant in thongs (flip flops) and a baggy t-shirt.
by so_tired88 June 10, 2006
Sarah listens to Nickleback while babysitting drunk kids because she is Bogan.
by boganlol June 16, 2010
Bogan is a word used by Aussies for a person who is dirty and rude.
- Wear no shoes in public
- Are usually poor
- Wear dirty/ragged clothing
- Swear loudly in public
- Are Usually ugly
- Have no manners
- Show disrespect almost always
- Scab other peoples garbage on tip day
- Drink a lot of alcohol
- Fart and Burp loudly in public
- Usually Have kids who are misbehaved
- Sometimes overweight, with bad teeth
"OMG, look at that woman! Thats the epitome of bogan right there. No shoes, ripped trackies and shes taking those peoples garbage! Eww!"
"Eww, her husband is worse, though"
by zoe =] July 10, 2008
Often a blanket, derisive term used by those who are fortunate enough to be endowed with a new car and a tidy stock portfolio for their eighteenth birthday. While not all those who are unfortunate enough to live in the western suburbs conform to the bogan stereotype, snobs and eastern suburbs wannabe's will generalise about anyone who they deem not of their ilk. let's not confuse bogans with westies, and even if we do, some people just like black jeans and vb's and if all they can afford is an early model ford or holden then good luck to them. Lot's of luck to the lot of them.
"imogen, look at that disgusting bogan!"
"They should be exterminated!"
by rents52 August 24, 2009

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