those who have 10 kids running around their feet, smoking on a cigg, swearing their heads off, every second word is the F-word, with a very distinct voice tone. Wearing cheap, old worn clothing, all whilst walking into the bottle shop or the tobbacconist.
This place is full of Bogans.
by Random December 01, 2003
One of minimal intelligence, standards and fasion sense. Located in Australia, found in caravan parks, housing commission, the pub or Centrelink queues.
Commonly referred to in other countries as a redneck or chav. Also see hick and inbred.
by Debilito August 12, 2005
The usual piece of shit who thinks that he is a valuable member of society for leaning out of his beaten up vehicle, (Because he lacks class, and the knowhow to get a job, and thus a higher quality car than a beaten up Ford Falcon which sounds similar to a lawn mower) and screaming out "GO SON!"
Other phrases apparently evident are such terms as: "C'mon Son, You're not HARD enough!". These sexist and somewhat smelly individuals can be seen anywhere in a Pub, boasting about how drunk they got the week before. The only danger that a Bogan will ever encounter is one involving drowing in his own vomit, yet despite all evidence, some favourable qualities must be apparent to some people. These people are clearly Boganettes, and love to be abused by sexist, chauvanistic, sport loving, unintelligent, and overall stupid men. Australian society has taken a downfall, and the Bogan population are the "image" that is often represented as Aussie Culture. Well, this misconseption can be set straight, get these beer-swiggers of our continent, they are of no value.
Human: Excuse me sir, may I have a light beer?
Bogan: C'mon son, what's wrong with ya?
Human: I beg you're pardon?
Bogan: You're not HARD enough!
Human: What does that even mean? How does drinking a light beer establish an inferiority of any kind?
*At this point the Bogan becomes confused and resorts to violence, beating the human to the ground*
Is't it ironic how intelligence makes you a dumbass...
by Bogan loather #9, 999, 999 September 09, 2005
People commonly found in outer city limits in Australia or small country towns. Attire is usually black in colour, jeans being tight and torn across the knees and on the lower bum cheek. The foot wear is usually one of the following 4; DB's Desert Boots or "Rollers", Ugg Boots, Rossie Shearers boots or no shoes at all. Shirts are usually flannel in nature or promoting bands such as MetallicA, PanterA, AC/DC, Sepultura, Iron Maiden or Megadeth. Hair is usually grown long, cut into a mullet or worn in dreadlocks, sometimes shaved but this results in them being mistaken for skin heads. Language is none other than loud and foul; ie "TRAVIS GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT FUCKIN' TREE YOU LITTLE SHIT!". The common bogan is usually found to be drinking VB or Bundy. Without these valuable liquids, a bogan would surely perish. As far as diet is concerned the bogan preferrs meat, potatos and cheese because it is in their belief that any other vegetables/foods are for pussies. Transport is usually either by Holden or Ford. There is a long running feud within the bogan community as to which is better. The Tasmanian bogan is far different to the mainland bogan, as they listen to rap music and wear fubu, dada etc. This just goes to show how foolish the common Tasmanian is, mistaking "wiggers" for bogans. This brings much unwanted shame to the bogan community as a whole, being misrepresented by wiggers with poor taste in music and shiny clothing.
"Hey cop a load of that fella in the Iron Maiden shirt, WHAT A BOGAN!"
by Rowan January 31, 2005
The definitions of Bogan here are mostly by non Bogan contributors and as such give a highly bias view.

In Western Australia bogans were a bona fide youth culture embracing heavy metal music and Aussie muscle cars. Bogan took over from the old 'Rocker' term that had been around since the 50's and 60's. In fact the word Bogan is a variant of the word Bodgie, an old Australian word for Rocker.
A typical school in WA in the eighties would be divided into Surfies, Bogans and Mods(who also included skinheads, punks, goths and other anglophiles).

We did have a uniform as bogans, black jeans, black ripple sole desert boots, flannelette shirt and blue singlet or black t-shirt with your favourite metal band print(mine was AC/DC). Yes there were mullets but we generally shaved our heads.
We drove any H series Holdens and motorbikes were also popular, nowadays a true bogan is hard to distinguish from a Bikie and many of us got envolved with Bikie Clubs. But a true bogan is a Rev-head with a love of Metal. Eastern States people have expanded the term to include just any white trash.
Bogan's do burnouts and Bog-laps in HQ's
Bogan's are the surfies enemy
Bogan is a part of Australian youth culture that had it's heydey in the eighties and was born out of the earlier Rocker movement.
#bodgies #rockers #sharpies #widgies #boguns #bog
by Wayne Corrigan April 25, 2006
the poor cousin of ricers.

bogans usually tear around in their ancient and beat up commodores and falcons. the male of the species is usually a league/afl supporter, and sports a mullet or atrocious hair and flannel, while the female carrys her children around, communicating with offspring and other bogans in a high pitched screech, painful to the ears of humans. they all swear like troopers, smoke like chimneys, drink like fish, and have no regard whatsoever for other people. commonly on the dole.

a bogan is an imported species in australia, they are considered a pest, similar to cane toads
male - sheila, get that fuckin dinner on the fuckin table woman, the kids are fuckin hungry again

female - fuck orf im having my fuckin smoke darryl. get yer own fuckin dinner

human - look at that bogan doing laps.
human 2 - pft what a try-hard
#australia #ricer #commodore #falcon #rugby league #afl #flannel #dole-bludgers
by aussiebabe May 20, 2006
A bogan,usually lives in the western suburbs of any major Australian city.The men have mullets,gaunt,unshaven faces,checked cut off shirts and short,shorts.The females have unkept hair,usually with the remains of a bad perm,track suits or tight jeans and midriff tops and gaunt sucked in, cigarette faces.
They talk with a nasal wine and very loudly. Each word is punctuated by expletives. They whinge about everything and anything.
Bogan females are ofen seen in shopping centres, at discount stores and eating fast food at take away outlets. They usually have a few obnoxious children in tow and are constantly yelling and swearing at them.They are ofen joined by a similar friend who they yell at loudly across the shopping centre.The men spend their time at the pub,tab, playing pool or hanging around football games
#yobbo #westie #parra #yokel #hillbilly
by xena100bc June 01, 2006
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