The Bogas Maximus is a fascinating creature located in Sydney, Australia. Previously bred and civilised in the outer west, most have now migrated to the Shire. The Bogas Maximus can be lured out of their natural habitat fairly easily. All it takes is cheap beer, Lebanese lifesavers and a national pride day. Bogans can be observed participating in activities such as watching the footy, going to pubs and/or starting riots most often rooted from racism and a general dislike for anything unaustralian. The Bogus Maximus prides itself in being Australian, and can be found wearing items of clothing such as overalls, wife beater t-shirts and thongs. Male and female bogans rarely interface with each other, and only gather together to breed and repopulate.
Haha, look at all those bogans starting riots in Cronulla.
by fell in a hoooooole January 28, 2007
a person who lives in a trailer, has no money and has frequent sex with their parents
bob is such a bogan, did you see him and his mum last night??
by lucas_nom_nom October 02, 2009
In Western Australia, "bogans" are termed "bogs". "Bogan" actually derives from the name of a small rural town in NSW.
"Geez, the whole pub is chocka with bogs. Let's go somewhere else."

"No way I'd live in Mandurah, it's full of drunk bogs."

"On my first trip to the Eastern States, somebody called me a bogan."
by drongoman March 24, 2009
See Adelaide
Person 1 living outside of Adelaide: Whoa! Look at that group of bogans!

Person 2: Damn! Where do you think they are from?

Person 1: Adelaide, South Australia aka Bogan Central. Usually seen roaming around the Mt. Barker, Salisbury, and Elizabeth districts....

Person 2: Adelaide? Figures....
by not a bogan August 29, 2008
The two quickest ways to locate a bogan are below:
1. Any person who has purposely attended or wished they could have attended a Metallica concert they missed. Please note: Attending a Metallica concert which takes place as part of a music festival where a large line up of other bands play does not count.
2. Any person who owns a Metallica album other than the black album.
You own Ride The Lightning?! You bogan!
by chickenchaser2010 July 16, 2010
people (typically Australians) who drive around with their window open because their air-conditioning doesn't work
sarah: my car's air conditioning isn't working so i've just been rolling down the window
everyone else ever: god you are such a bogan
by everyone else ever May 25, 2010
a bogan is typically an australian with a strong accent. usually wearing stubbies and a flannelette shirt. follows the NRL and usually has an obsession with cars, esp. fords.
*guy watching NRL on tv and shouting at the tv*
'what a bogan'
by taliah April 30, 2007
Bogans have migrated to London en masse, intergrating with native Chavs
"Blimey guv, look at that bogan working behind the bar!"
by Uncle Albert February 15, 2005

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