A useful word, it can be used to point out a bum on the street bathing in his/her own mess or any terribly ugly person you have unfortunately come across.
Think of the ugliness of a bog and mix it with the dirtiness of a rat. And you have something very disgusting.
"Bloody hell, look at the face on that one!"
"Whoa! What a bograt!"
by Serial T July 01, 2005
Top Definition
dirty ugly disgusting looking chick that lurks and attaches herself with good looking friends
"oh great another bog rat trying to get in through her friends"
by morgz October 12, 2004
Junior officer of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). Usually limited to Officer Cadets, Pilot Officers and Flying Officers. Often shortened to the term "Boggy".
"Listen up chaps. I need a Bog Rat to lead the march next Anzac Day.

"Mr Bigglesworth, you look like a Boggy who can use a sword. You'll do.

Be at the armory at 0730."
by John Hacking January 17, 2007
a rat that lives down the toilet and eats poo.
Paul Wilson, thats fithly you bog rat!!!
by PAUL WHITTAKER December 15, 2003
Some sket that is under the age of consent and is a bit ugly.
girl: come back to bed
guy: shut up ya bograt
by 4737Carling November 13, 2008
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