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Colloquial term for "Both of them".
Lacey: Mm, yes, let's just multiply bofadem in the lator.
by tills November 25, 2013
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a combination of the words "both of them" into one convenient word
Do you want fried chicken or watermelon?
Just give me bofadem!
by alll names are taken wtf December 02, 2008
Contraction, meaning "both of them."
Question: "Do you want to smoke the large or small crackrock?"
Answer: "I be wantin' bofadem."
by Dallas Steve January 18, 2008
a quick mix of "both of them"
Did you get those shoes you wanted?

Ya there was two colors so I got bofadems
by Dj Twiztd November 18, 2007

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