Bank of America...a really big corporate bank that seems to be everywhere
I just checked my bofa online
by flippytale January 15, 2004
Breath of Fresh Air: Someone who lives their life outside of traditional measurements of success and predictability. Characteristics include being artistic, open minded, enjoys travel, is an active environmentalist, is health conscious and takes care of his body, is naturally attractive, respectful and appreciative of the music, food, customs of other cultures.
He lives well who lives lightly, hoards nothing, lets go of the air he breathes -- to draw in more." He is my BOFA.
by Mprice1515 November 17, 2009
Bofa : noun. (bow- FUH). 1) Breath Of Fresh Air 2) Big Ol' Freakin Ass 3) Bank OF America.
this word can be used in situations when refering to hot guys, without them knowing.
for example:
maria- man! i'm having an awful day!
kelsey- yeah for real, i think i bombed that chem test!
maria - me too!!
( bofa comes up says hi and hugs us and hangs out with us.)
kelsey - talk about a bofa! (see definition #1)
maria - mmmmhmmm ;)
by MamaBear93 April 23, 2011
to reference two of something.
I can decide if I want to smoke the blunt or drink the forty, or do bofa dem.
by Rizzle the Fizzle for Shizzle April 10, 2003
stands for : Bucket of Assholes
"I didn't really comprehend what he was saying because I was distracted by his breath that seriously smelled like a B of A"
by Ny October 05, 2004
Bowel movement. Actually a term in clinical research for the Bowel Function Assessment.
MD: "Hey YK, BOFA #1?"

YK: "Nah, BOFA #2 - must be my high metabolism."
by YoungK June 28, 2006

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