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Bank of America...a really big corporate bank that seems to be everywhere
I just checked my bofa online
by flippytale January 15, 2004
39 54
Noun- A person who is, or who posesses a Big Ol' Fat Ass.
1. That B*tch a bofa!
2. Whatever, bofa!
by ruxpindrums March 26, 2007
20 37
to reference two of something.
I can decide if I want to smoke the blunt or drink the forty, or do bofa dem.
by Rizzle the Fizzle for Shizzle April 10, 2003
9 38
stands for : Bucket of Assholes
"I didn't really comprehend what he was saying because I was distracted by his breath that seriously smelled like a B of A"
by Ny October 05, 2004
39 69
Bowel movement. Actually a term in clinical research for the Bowel Function Assessment.
MD: "Hey YK, BOFA #1?"

YK: "Nah, BOFA #2 - must be my high metabolism."
by YoungK June 28, 2006
2 37