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A state of having multiple nutz in one's mouf.
Bofa what?
Bofa deez nutz in yo mouf!!!
by olive10 June 08, 2003
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When you put both of (bofa) these nuts down your throat.
Hey do you like bofa? No. What the fuck is that. Dude are you shitting me you've gotta love bofa. I don't fucking know what it is. It's bofa dese nuts down your throat bitch.
by Applejacks1898 December 28, 2014
Noun- A person who is, or who posesses a Big Ol' Fat Ass.
1. That B*tch a bofa!
2. Whatever, bofa!
by ruxpindrums March 26, 2007
A word used to describe most anything bad. Its an adjective and a noun usually used to describe something or just in the place of a word youd usually say. Use it in place of curse words or everyday language.
Pronounced: (Bow-fa) ((Not Bow as in bow before me but as in I shoot arrows with my bow))
I just got bofa'ed in the face.
That test was totally bofa.
by ImtheawesomeNMattP April 15, 2010
Bank of America...a really big corporate bank that seems to be everywhere
I just checked my bofa online
by flippytale January 15, 2004
Bofa : noun. (bow- FUH). 1) Breath Of Fresh Air 2) Big Ol' Freakin Ass 3) Bank OF America.
this word can be used in situations when refering to hot guys, without them knowing.
for example:
maria- man! i'm having an awful day!
kelsey- yeah for real, i think i bombed that chem test!
maria - me too!!
( bofa comes up says hi and hugs us and hangs out with us.)
kelsey - talk about a bofa! (see definition #1)
maria - mmmmhmmm ;)
by MamaBear93 April 23, 2011
The act of blacking out due to consumption of alcohol and falling asleep. Black Out Fall Asleep.
Dude, we all bofad last night. I don't remember anything.
by bofacali February 07, 2011

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