Acronym for burn-on-face. ie, cat bofs, dog bof, anything that has a bunghole that can be rubbed in your face
Lets bust his kneecap! Pull out his teeth! Sratch that, do you have a raccoon?
by gunshow February 09, 2005
originated at san benancio middle school
means a really fat kid who rolls around on his roller(body)
see Evan Swenson
Evan Swenson is a B.O.F.
by Francesco noto May 18, 2004
to screw a mother daughter and grandmother in one day
yesterday i bofed hella bitches fodigity nigga for shizel my navel
by B 0 August 07, 2003
to fuck b-o-f u and a relitive
i fuck bof u and ur mom, cousin, and naighbor
by B 0 August 07, 2003
Band Of Freaks (B.O.F.) also known as SLayers or D.B's (Dirt Balls). The kids who wear punk ska clothing or randy river and have no friends.
1.Hawk Eye your a fuckin bof.

2.Hey you fuckin bof go slit your wrists and drink the blood.

3.Nice life you fuckin useless bof.
by kyle madore August 18, 2005
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