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Acronym for "Beast of a feast". Can be used to describe a hearty meal which one consumes exuberantly and vigorously. May also be used as a verb.
"When I get home, I'm going to BOF so hard."

"We were supposed to meet at 4 but she was BOF'ing and ended up being late."

"Yo, let's go to White Spot and BOF."
by genuberaus September 07, 2011
"Band of Freaks" (or "bag of fuck"). Used to describe kids who listen to shitty metal bands and have bad hygiene. Usually have greasy/dyed/long-ish hair and wear darker clothes because they're "nonconformists" (ha, right). Very similar to "emo", but they probably want to slit other people's wrists.

"you dumb B.O.F."

"grow up you B.O.F."
by anonymous patronymous February 09, 2007
a Quebec-french synonym for so-so
boy: how are you?

girl : je vais bof (I am doing so-so)
by Sexydimma November 04, 2013
BOF is the Best Of Friend NOT the best friend forever.
BOF is the wingman when the bff is unavailable.
by Luvsparkles29 October 19, 2009
The act you would perform on a really hot chick with an ugly ass face... which you would put a bag over while you're fucking her. B.O.F. stands for 'bag over face'.
I'd B.O.F. that bitch.

Yo check out the B.O.F. over there! Well she at least has a hot ass man, nice rack too.
by DJDizzy February 16, 2009
Banging On Floor Screaming.

instead of saying lol or rofl
when rofl justcant explain how much you're laughing
c: ROFL you fell?

n: yeah going up the escilator and everyone saw my asss...

c: BOFS your a dickhead
by la la la baby September 17, 2008
It is pronounced Boff. Stands for Band of Freaks. Usually applied to weird loner kids or emo/goth groups who hang out in weird places. May also apply to artsy people.
Wow that kid with the black trench-coat is such a B.O.F.
by LukeAss-Mickey April 26, 2006