When A person vigerously licks, sucks, or blows a penis.
Also can refer to a something srewing one over or Fucking over someone.
Hey! Barb Give me A boeboe tonight im horny!
by Erik William Peterson December 05, 2007
Top Definition
a guy who thinks that all others are spammers, talks to his own gamecube because he doen't have any friends and forges press-tag to get into a game convention
Boeboe : Hi...gamecube my best and only friend in the whole world
GC:...get a life
by briambo May 24, 2004
a thing that someone is imfatuated with or mildly of extremely obsessed with. A favorite player, food, person, or anything that you can become obsessed with
kuehn plays buegler this week. its gonna be battle of the boe boes: westbrook vs. plummer
by birdman11 February 06, 2005
Someone who adores hentai. doesn't like spammers
boeboe: I have 60 gig hentai on my computer *hihi*
other person on the forum: just go jerk off yourself
by DNA-otaku April 11, 2004
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