Someone of the opposite sex who is closer to you than a best friend but not close enough to be a lover.
Hey Boe! There's room in my bed with me if the couch is too uncomfortable for you to sleep on!
by lukejenks April 27, 2010
Top Definition
a fellow nigga; one of your boys.usually located in manalapan new jerey. these are a bunch of hoodlems
im mikey mesta boeeeee
boeee lemme tell you something boeee
or as yo boeee wanna hit this bluntt boeee
by pottzzNphilly January 24, 2007
A term used to describe an item in World of Warcraft that binds on equip of that item.
Yo I just got this real sick BoE helm from ICC!
by wotlk March 23, 2010
to screw someone over or fuck with some one in any kind if way

past tense: boed
present tense:boeing
when mandy got her phone stolen you can say:
mandy's shit got boed! or
somebody boed mandy's phone
if you plan on taking manys phone you could say:
im about to boe mandy or
im about to boe many out of her head phones
by robert l. johnon III December 06, 2011
a word used by guidos and other douchebags as a way to say "bro". they dont say bro, rather just "boe" like as in "bow and arrow."
guido: yo boe
fellow douchebag: whattup boe?
guido: wheres my hairgel boe?
fellow douchebag: boe idk boe u tell me boe
guido: aiighht boe
by cheech21791 October 21, 2009
Boe. A combination of the words "Bae" and "Hoe." Could be used to describe friends with Benefits. Basically your close friend that is used for their body.
Guy A: Man. Gurl is the boe
Guy B: What's the boe?
Guy A: My sex slave friend
Guy B: Oh. *Frowns sadly and thinks about all the things he could have done*
by humandungbeetle June 14, 2014
A giant turd.
Basically the whale of the poop world.
Boy 1: Dude, it's happening again. I've got to Boe.
Boy 2: No. Last time you Boed here, the entire apartment building got backed up for 2 years.
by corntroversy July 20, 2014
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