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A glorified rub and tug or a tug job. Often found in Exotic massage parlors. Usually performed when the attended is naked.
Dude I went to the massage parlor and I had the body slide and her hands are magic.
by CATALYST25 April 30, 2009
a 30 service offered where the masseuse rubs her boobs all over you and often followed by the "release"

*neud reversi extra*
Masseuse - you wannt reversi? $30
Shameless - just the bodyslide
by foug January 11, 2005
a synonym for teleportation and associated devices. Used in several books but mainly was a method of travel for the Marvel character "Cable" on his time traveling adventures.
"Computer, Body slide by 1 to intercept Bishop." or "Body Slide to H.Q."
by agentexeider April 21, 2009
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