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unsolicited sexual contact
"Going to the bars; what's my goal? Bodyspam"
by bex April 26, 2005
Unsolicited physical contact.
Hug from Aunt Zelda at Thanksgiving. "Dude, Aunt Zelda totally just body spammed me!"
by partee April 02, 2005
to give/recieve unwanted physical contact
Martyn keeps body spamming me
by Dorkson June 24, 2005
undesired, unwanted and irritating physical contact from another person whom you don't know
I couldn't believe the amount of body spam I recieved walking through the bar just to go to the bathroom.
by dfro April 14, 2006
the stuff that you get all inside and out, if you know what i mean!!!!!
oooohh baby spam me,spam me good!!!!!
by freechick April 23, 2005
i have no idea but it sounds really gross.
ummm its probably stuff like toe jam.... gross.
by Jennifer April 24, 2005