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Unsolicited physical contact.
Hug from Aunt Zelda at Thanksgiving. "Dude, Aunt Zelda totally just body spammed me!"
by partee April 02, 2005
undesired, unwanted and irritating physical contact from another person whom you don't know
I couldn't believe the amount of body spam I recieved walking through the bar just to go to the bathroom.
by dfro April 14, 2006
unsolicited sexual contact
"Going to the bars; what's my goal? Bodyspam"
by bex April 26, 2005
the stuff that you get all inside and out, if you know what i mean!!!!!
oooohh baby spam me,spam me good!!!!!
by freechick April 23, 2005
i have no idea but it sounds really gross.
ummm its probably stuff like toe jam.... gross.
by Jennifer April 24, 2005
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