Acronym for Big Ol' Dumb Ass.
That dude in the monster truck is a boda.
by Codeman February 17, 2004
Top Definition
A boda is a fat girl / woman. An extremely large or obese woman. An overweight chick.
1) Yo homie, I'll take the dime you can have the boda.

2) Damn, that boda's taking up the whole dance floor.
by Hugoboss August 25, 2006
> Acronym- BODA: Big Old Donkey Ass!

Used when describing a girl's ass.

Can be used in a positive or negative context.
1) Damn playa check out that smoking hot shorty shaking her Boda up in this piece!

2) Yo home's What up with that Boda thinking she all fly with her nasty ass!

3) Hell's to the yeah buoy,check home girls Boda it's so fat you can see it from the front!
by Jah Boogie September 10, 2012
Acronym for Big Ole' Dumb Ass.
Did you hear about Shook blowing up the engine on the lawnmower because he never checked the oil level? Man, now I understand why people call him "BODA"!
by Henry P. September 24, 2011
The epitome of manliness. A man's man. The definition of ruggedly handsome.
You did pyramids and then 5 push ups? That's so Boda!

Look at the kid bench, what a Boda.
by Wubbly Wordsworth November 09, 2010
Mixture of Beer and Soda. Groundbreaking beverage that makes it easier to take advantage of young girls, it actually tastes good!
Mountain Boda ( mountain dew)
Pepsi Boda (pepsi)
Dr. Boda (dr. pepper)
Boda Mist (sierra mist)
Orange Boda (orange soda)
by joel douchebag June 01, 2009
a tall, hot, SKINNY girl. who has more flair than any other girl standing around her!
Wow look at the boda she stands out in a crowd!
by Boda HOTTIE! March 11, 2009

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