the caribbean slang for bad:
one. rotten/not nice; as in negative
two. tough/wicked; as in positive
one. "dat bwoi is pure bod breed."(negative)
two. "dat jam was bod." (positive)
by Baaabs March 16, 2007
Adj. hard, tough, gangster.

Founded in Marietta, Georgia in the early 2000's
"That man Montez is bod as fuck"
by A Law January 31, 2005
also defined as "Bank Of Dad". used in a sense that if you need money, and u bat your eyelashes in the right way, daddy will give you a withdrawl from his wallet. this termed is used by teens who dont make money any have daddys that make tons of :) .
lisa: those are $120! how do u expect to get that when you have no money
me: no worries! i'll just get it from the BOD
by cocolate-lover May 31, 2010
Verb: to fail to finish a (usually alcoholic) drink. May be combined with a descriptor of your choice, eg "donation bod" (giving the remnant of a drink to a friend).
It's bad to bod a bud in bed.
by Mark March 15, 2004
a goody goody who always does what they are told and are usually gay!
one major example is that quir on big brother called john tickle
Brothers Of Destruction, A gang in Melbourne, full punchons n Sh*t
Crips and Bloods, BOD
by gggyeh June 07, 2006
some strange word from New Zealand that showed up in one of Steriogram's songs 'Walkie Talkie Man' it went,
"Those bods are being bad
You better take a stand"
in which, New Zealand made up a stupid word, which i don't know...
uhhhhhhhh... bods...
by kikkoman May 12, 2004

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