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The fabrication of untruths and the articulation of them as gospel to one's peers. Someone who 'honks' a bobo will exaggerate every aspect of a story to ludicrous proportions, making it so improbable as to lose all possible credibility.
"My grandad invented the space shuttle."
"No way. You're honking a fucking bobo."
by Andrew Peacock January 23, 2007
Another word for a blowjob
"Damn, Stephen got straight boboed last night!"
by D Heidt September 20, 2006
Ghetto, Cheap, Fake, Tacky. You get the idea.
They have a couch in their front yard. That's so bobo!
by allah raghbar March 20, 2007
The name of your boyfriend when you put your public business on the internet.
All of my internet buddies think my boyfriend's name is Bobo.
by the Little Kid June 12, 2006
A description for something totally second-rate. In actuality, it is more than second-rate, it is the lowest on the totem pole. Utterly and completely ghet-to.
The word Bobo is best said by a southerner or someone with a country accent, as yankees don't do the word justice.
adj: bobo

"Man, that is a bobo airline! They make me pay for drinks!"

"That is such a bobo movie."
by Bobo princess March 06, 2009
Jamaican slang for a blowjob
All the money you spent on that girl and you didn't even get a bobo?
by ozzzie August 22, 2008
to give a blowjob, to give oral sex to a male
dusty gave troy a mean ass bobo last night
by Kal waterman February 19, 2008