(plural noun).Slang Word used as a code or less vulgar term than boobs or titties, and less scientific than breasts or mammaries. Often used amongst males who are in the vicinity of a female, as not to offend them or make them aware.
"Mmmm mmm, that girl has some nice bobos dude"
"My your bobos are so nice and perky today!"
by azplayerlife June 23, 2005
The fabrication of untruths and the articulation of them as gospel to one's peers. Someone who 'honks' a bobo will exaggerate every aspect of a story to ludicrous proportions, making it so improbable as to lose all possible credibility.
"My grandad invented the space shuttle."
"No way. You're honking a fucking bobo."
by Andrew Peacock January 23, 2007
Another word for a blowjob
"Damn, Stephen got straight boboed last night!"
by D Heidt September 20, 2006
Ghetto, Cheap, Fake, Tacky. You get the idea.
They have a couch in their front yard. That's so bobo!
by allah raghbar March 20, 2007
Bobo is a somewhat archaic pejorative term for white men collectively. It is similar in meaning to "the man" or "whitey."
Black folks invented rock & roll, but bobo stole it and thereafter pretended that Elvis made it up.
by Hoopermazing September 02, 2005
The name of your boyfriend when you put your public business on the internet.
All of my internet buddies think my boyfriend's name is Bobo.
by the Little Kid June 12, 2006
The drink the fat kid passes to peter pan in "hook"
"drink ur bobo peter"
by Mcmurdle November 25, 2003

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