Short term for 'abortion' used by virginal girls who have had several. Also, the punched-out holes on the card at the Planned Parenthood Center. 8 in a row's a freebie!
by Lotza Cum April 09, 2003
a term used for a gangsta from da hood keepin it real
jo dat boyz bobo fa sho.
by p dizzle March 31, 2003
It's an early 80's word. Bobos: n. refers to an article of clothing with no particular name; no name brand. ie. shoes that don't have a name brand.
Those shoes are bobos...haha!
by The 80's dude January 29, 2003
An orangutang like creature that wonders the world looking for the occassional tasty baby and living on a steady diet of "gamer game game". A fast moving and nimble ape. The BoBo also has a unique auborial call, aptly named "The ZerBOBOt". Tellingly different from the orangutang due to its' large prominent plume of tufted hair. Their plume is often called "Chicky". SEE ALSO CHICKY.
A BOBO ripped the arm off of the fake Tatsu, because it did make good "Gamer Game Game"...then he did the zerBOBOt
by Tatsu Oyama January 24, 2003
Caveman for "friend".
by CelticWonder November 19, 2002
The first ape able to make it into the MLS. A majestic being who blocks every shoot unless its from half field. Has a cock bigger the world itself and his been known to give a billion dollars to every person in need.
Inmate who's that amazing being over there
Enlightened being oh that's just king bobo
#soccer #pro #god #goalkeeper #king #overlord
by darrick477 February 21, 2015
Something, someone or even a mentality that is cheap, shit, rundown; no future.
1. What the fuck look at that bobo over there, that kid is such a bobo.
2. Those Skechers you're wearing are bobo as fuck.
3. Man, forget that bobo he has no future.
#bobo #cheap #crap #dumb #rundown
by troll24 June 05, 2014
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