A big bowl of something that tastes awful (In your opinion)
That bobo tastes like crap, I swear.
by Gulpy October 22, 2010
It's when you do something that is going to lead to something else that COULD be regrettable. Usually something perverted.

Another more simple way of putting it is, something lame, retarded, sketchy, stupid, not kool and yadda yadda.
Steff is hanging out with her retardedly hot friend next week....that's Bobo

Steff's phone's is breaking on her. steff's phone is being Bobo.
by Rah9092 September 15, 2010
An affectionate nickname for Marc Bolan, the frontman of the popular 70's band T.Rex.
What's not to love about Bowie and Bobo?
by dzzi August 30, 2010
A penis just before becoming erect or just after. The size of an erection but being flacid
That girl grabbed my cock at just the right moment, I totally had a bo-bo.

You better stop talking to me like that I've got myself a bo-bo.
by Bo-bo the dancing chimp August 29, 2010
A popular nickname for the city Boise, Idaho, USA.
Hey I went to Bobo. It was soooo kewl.
by j2dac March 23, 2010
BoBo's are the sneakers that are given to you in jail when you first enter or have no money in your canteen to purchase another pair. This often happens if your family is broke and/or you do not know anyone in the outside. They usually come in white and are below your ankle only covering your feet.

BoBo's is referred also as Bob Barker's
Let me find out you been locked up for over a year and you're still wearing bobo's.
by bigdaddyred February 10, 2010
A person who participates in elite equestrian competitions who clearly does not have the knowledge, horsepower, and or skill to do so. Their horses will appear to be unkept and will be of low quality. They also will tend to lean towards equipment of the florescent and plastic persuasion (which is generally frowned upon in this conservative natured sport). They also will enter classes which are above and beyond their skill level which inevitably leads to a disastrous performance. A Bobo is generally oblivious to the aforementioned and is usually very high on themselves and their horses. Thus, they tend to cause a disturbance in the warm up areas due to their inflated egos. Also known as a "Rubber Booter" due to their infatuation with plastic equipment.
"Dude, did you see that Bobo with the hot pink saddle pad run in front of my warm up fence?!"

"Quick, the Bobo from this morning entered the 1.40, disaster will ensue!"
by bobo with an umbrella January 08, 2010

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