ok bo bos IS NOT a sexual thingy it they are what you call fucked up soes
yo eric got them bo bos on
by Bros Call Me DP September 08, 2006
The act getting head,dome,chon chon,oral sex,what wags do on friday nights.
That Lyndsay girl loves to give bo bos.
Bo Bos stat no comit!
by L-Town September 04, 2006
The name of your boyfriend when you put your public business on the internet.
All of my internet buddies think my boyfriend's name is Bobo.
by the Little Kid June 12, 2006
Lame, Stupid, Retarded, Gay, not-cool
missing the opening credits for star wars episode III is BoBo!!

Roland can be so wack BoBo sometimes....LOL
by DFaery May 26, 2006
Slang term for a large peice of crack, a crystalized form of cocaine.
The term comes from the U-bonics way of saying "boulder".
When someone is trying to say they have a large quantity of crack cocaine, they refer to it as a "bobo".
Because the term was used so frequently by crack addicts, it (mistakenly) became associated with smoking tabacco and marijuana.
"I hooked up with that chick and we smoked a bobo!"
by Spirrowmint March 11, 2006
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