bobo properly means, to bo ones bo,
otherwise known as blowing ones wad, spitting out elmers, makin sugar paste,
spreading love butter.
she asked for it, so I thought why not bobo her nostrils and ear holes? (her mom certainly appreciated it.)
by anytime anywhere July 25, 2003
prior to 1975. cheap sneakers. keds aka marcia brady'sfor girls.
you need to get rid of those bobos and get some converse or you'll get your ass kicked after school.
by vexo ergo sum June 06, 2003
really silly person
Jlin is such a bobob
by sarah May 14, 2003
a term used for a gangsta from da hood keepin it real
jo dat boyz bobo fa sho.
by p dizzle March 31, 2003
An orangutang like creature that wonders the world looking for the occassional tasty baby and living on a steady diet of "gamer game game". A fast moving and nimble ape. The BoBo also has a unique auborial call, aptly named "The ZerBOBOt". Tellingly different from the orangutang due to its' large prominent plume of tufted hair. Their plume is often called "Chicky". SEE ALSO CHICKY.
A BOBO ripped the arm off of the fake Tatsu, because it did make good "Gamer Game Game"...then he did the zerBOBOt
by Tatsu Oyama January 24, 2003
when something is bad or doesn't work out right.
Her lame excuse was totally bobo!
by bacca rati May 13, 2002
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