fake, not genuine.
Her Prada handbag is obviously bobo.
by bacca rati May 13, 2002
Short for "bourgeois bohemian"; coined by New York Times columnist David Brooks and used in the title of his work "Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There." Refers to wealthy members of the anti-establishment that embrace their financial success.
"The bobo sipped on a soy latte as she pulled her Range Rover out of the Starbucks parking lot."
by TPB, Esq. July 21, 2005
Bourgeois Bohême, in French.
Yuppies or dinks who live as is they weren't, love to differentiate themselves by visiting foreign countries before the herd of ordinary tourists flock after them (Croatia a few years ago, now the Baltic states), eat alternative/fair trade/organic food such as "bio fair trade Miso soup". They tend to live in mixed neighbourhoods to be near the poor, but they send their children to private schools to avoid too close a contact with the natives and they price all the poor out of the neighbourhoods they gentrify. Of course they concentrate in some parts of Paris and never could live in "la province". They often vote for the Communists or the Greens but take the fullest advantage of the tax gifts offered by right-wing governments.
Le "no logo", c'est tellement bobo!
by remy1789 December 28, 2004
something that is jenke, ghetto,fake. not genuine. foul, shiesty, or generic.
she gave you generic kool aid? that is bobo
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 27, 2006
A fairly affluent or educated person who repudiates, denies, or rejects the background from which he or she comes and embraces that of another, most likely lower or less educated, socio-economic one so as to not appear snobbish. Bobos, from the French term "bourgeois bohémien" often graduate from private schools, live in hip, but somewhat sketchy neigbhorhoods, marry an ethnic or 'other'to upset their parents, or espouse unconventional food or cultural traditions to prove that they are above their bourgeois upbringing. As soon as the going gets tough, however, their breeding will show, and they will watch your napkin placement and use at the dinner table.
Jack tries so hard. First he spent those three years digging latrines in Nicaragua with that exchange group until his Nana paid him to come home and go to SMU law. He is really quite a bobo. He married that Mexican women--she went to Dartmouth, and her uncle was president of Mexico, but now *he* is all about Mexican realness and is an ardent supporter of the Zapatistas and refuses to let their 2 yr old speak English. I heard that he had to recently go to Boston to attend a Raytheon shareholders meeting so that's why he was buying suits at Brooks and got his beard trimmed.
by loccitantexan October 04, 2006
Origin, Tagalog (Philippine's national language) meaning, STUPID or DUMB.
He's such a "bobo" person!; or,

"Bobo!" - translation, "Stupid!"
by A_CoHort May 27, 2004
Bourgeois Bohemian.
Yuppie types who pretend not to be... by decorating with Indian motifs, wearing turquoise jewelry, taking yoga classes, talking about their chakras, etc.
My parents are such bobos.
by Patience Ann February 04, 2003

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