The Elvis Impersonator Cucumber. Those who know, know.
If you don't - FORBIDDEN LITERATURE!! Bobo is too cool for you... unless you find out about him by accident... have fun!
"Bobo week is here!"
by master_gopher January 06, 2005
describing something being whack or is whack
the bobo teacher gave us a pop quiz today.
by kristel December 31, 2004
n. an awkward hippy who communicates by grunting
Did you say anything bobo?
eh, uh, i dont know
by eric fox June 19, 2004
A person's rear end, also known as the BUTT.
Hey, get that pencil out of my bobo!
by Fernando May 29, 2004
1. someone who is retarded or boring; someone you don't want to hang around with but is still there; riff-raff

2. those old cheap socks with the 2 or 3 stripes your mom bought, back in the day when they weren't cool
yo, your peeps are all bobo. let's get out of here.

they make your feet feel fine,
the cost a dollar ninety-nine
by fooks May 28, 2004
An Inventory Control specialist who is constantly making receiving errors
The BoBo must have received those in error
by Dave Stanley May 05, 2004
one who knows nothing...idiot...downright stupid..imbeclie
Origin: Filipino
by jeffer April 14, 2004

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