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one who is peacefull and kind. can be extremely silly at times which makes one a bobo cakes. loves her babies and and friends, but is a a scrapper. bobo cakes is powerfull warrior who shouldnt be crossed if you cant hold your own in rumble.bobo cakes is the most individual and unique person around, and should be charished for life
i love my bobo cakes :)
by sammi-daisy March 12, 2010
The crusty remnants of deodorant, especially when caught in pit hair
That girl's pit hair is so long, she got bo-bo cakes
by Aniela May 18, 2004
A special nic-name Scott uses to address his lady friend Lisa.
Hey Bo-Bo cakes wanna come over and make sweet love? Bo-Bo cakes replies: "No, go Away!"
by Scott April 22, 2004