A man with no penis.
Q: What do you call a man with no arms, no legs floating in the ocean?

A: Bob

Q: What do you call a man with no arms, no legs, and no penis floating in the ocean?

A: Bobbitt

by bill the cat September 15, 2008
Top Definition
Verb describing penile amputation, especially when carried out by an amateur and soon followed by ejection of said organ out the window of a moving car. After the operation carried out by Lorena Bobbitt on her husband John Wayne Bobbitt.
You think you're a great lover boy, don't you? Well, if you don't swear blind you'll leave my wife alone, I'll bobbitt you!
by Fearman August 11, 2007
A male, that is heterosexual, that has a long rod and is good in bed
Girl 1: Heard you hit the club last night?

Girl 2: Yea, I met a Bobbitt!
by Who are you again November 13, 2011
An act in halo where a female player shoots the penis of the male halo player.
If you t-bag me again I'll bobbitt you!
by Surfergirl08 April 07, 2008
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